A cheating ex might want to be your friend for these 6 reasons.

A cheating ex might want to be your friend for these 6 reasons.

Before we get into the reasons why someone would want to be friends with you after cheating. The main question is whether you should remain friends with your ex.

A friend is a person you trust, and you cannot be friends with someone who is untrustworthy. Yes, it can work in your favor, especially if you still have feelings for them.

Unfortunately, this is not the case most of the time, and in most cases you will hurt yourself even more. There is no such thing as being friends with an ex, especially one who cheats.

If we were in a relationship for a certain period and you cheated, if we become friends’ lot of people might think we are still seeing each other. Otherwise, why are we still spending time together?

However, in the end it is your decision. You are the only one who knows the details of your relationship and you are the only one who can decide what to do. I’d like to open your eyes to why someone might want to become friends. The majority of these reasons are ones you already know, but you can become blinded if you are too close to the situation.

They still think you care

If you say yes to being friends with them, they think you still care about them. You’ve proven it to them. Therefore, it may be a test to find out whether or not you are still upset with them.

Having the courage to accept a friendship means that you aren’t as angry as you had been. Eventually they may win you back, and in most cases that is what they aim for.

Even if you still care there must never be a day where you forget they betrayed you. Your chances of getting hurt again increase if you are not careful.

Show no respect for your feelings

If someone betrays you, how can he then want to be friends as if nothing ever happened? You should take this as a sign they still don’t respect your feelings.

Making friends with them will surely bring back some memories, both good and bad. Also, it’s hard not to talk about how things were between you.

It might work if it is all digital and you don’t stay close by. However, if it is someone who stays close to you and wants to hang around with you, it is a trap.

Feels lonely without you

We all have pride and pride can make us lose a great deal of things; an individual with lots of pride may do you wrong and be sorry for it while on the other hand they may miss you desperately.

Their pride prevents them from telling you all that, instead, they will try to be nice to you. The act of asking for forgiveness and apologizing can be difficult. Many people struggle with this,  and it costs them a lot of good relationships.

Instead of asking for forgiveness, they would prefer to show that they still care. They believe you are weak if you ask for forgiveness.

However, showing someone that you still care without telling them can sometimes be interpreted incorrectly. 

Manipulating your feelings

At the end of the day, it is all about manipulating your feelings and making sure they get what they  want. It will take forgiveness for you to become friends with them. To be friends, you have to forgive them, even if you don’t forget.

They are now in a much better position as a result of this. If you have a tendency to become friendly with your ex, you will also be hurt repeatedly. You allow people to  manipulate you.

Friendship allows them to study you closely and manipulate you more easily.

They are keeping their options open        

Perhaps they would like to keep you as friends if they have doubts about their new relationship. This gives them leverage in case the new relationship doesn’t work out.

In other words, you’re a backup plan! It’s a type of person who only cares about what is coming their way. Your partner might just be interested in having a sexual relationship with you, but not in a committed relationship.

To make you feel small and brag

In conclusion, we will speak about the situation of someone planning to harm you even  more. Even though they act good to you, they might be angry that you broke up with them, even  though they were wrong. Even so, they still want revenge, and there are many ways to get it.

It might be that they want you back and attempt to apologize, but the moment you forgive them, they will walk away from you. They do this so you won’t tell people that you broke up with them but they did.

In most cases, keeping your ex around is never a good idea, since it is all about proving a point to them.

Some will want to brag about their new partner to you, even if they do not do so directly. From time to time, they might post them as a status update or a profile image. Having you see they are doing fine without you and pretending to be friends is their goal.

There are many things about which they might brag to you without you even realizing that they  are bragging. It’s like when your ex buys a new car and visits you, they won’t visit because they miss you, but to show off their new accomplishment.

It’s best to stay away from ex-partners, but the choice is yours.

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