Does not having a social media account make me weird?

Does not having a social media account make me weird?

It is not weird to avoid social media, but it also does not mean that you are better than those who do. Each of us has different needs and believes differently. Staying away from social media has many benefits, and using it can be beneficial as well. 

If you have no need for it, then why open an account? It is all about how you use it and what you do with it. 

Here, I’ll tell you why I am not a fan of social media, and yet I’ll also give you some information regarding what you are lacking if you don’t use social media. Based on your needs, this can help you decide what is best for you.

I want to point out that you are not the only one who is not using social media. Many people don’t feel comfortable using these tools.

All of us come from different backgrounds, and we see things in different ways, and that’s  fine. 

Don’t follow the crowd, but do what is best for you.

No one can blame you for not using these platforms, if they do, they are still immature and need to grow up.

Some of us are wanted and being on social media can put their lives at  risk. 

Many stop as a result of the effects it has on their relationship, or as a result of getting  married. It is important to respect that each person has a reason for doing what they are doing.

When you stay off your phone, you have more time for other things. We have a lot to do every  day. The more time you have for your personal life, the less time you will spend on these platforms.

Everything is competitive, whether you own a business or want to build a nice  home. There will always be someone who wants to beat you and do better than you did.

It is good for your business and yourself to spend your time the right way. These days, people do not even have time to get a good night’s sleep. They sleep very late and wake up very early because  they are always on their phones.

You have the advantage of having time to do things that most people don’t have time  for. 

Social media offers many benefits that you might be missing out on if you don’t use it. 

Selling an old TV that you don’t use anymore can take a few hours on  social media.

Small business owners who are not using these platforms are leaving a lot of money on the table. You can join groups in your area and advertise there for free. 

You can stay away from these platforms if you wish, but you will miss out on a lot.

Social media is for you to use, not for social media to use you.

It is a concern to most people, including myself, because you know that your data is being collected when you use it. The data can sometimes be used to make the next experience better or against you.

The South African president recently approved a law that confirms that you can now be arrested for what you post on platforms such as WhatsApp.

This means even though your smartphone and pc are your personal devices someone is collecting your data.

Staying off can really be helpful if you worry about your privacy. 

16-year-olds can inbox someone who is 42 and ask for nudes. You can ignore the message or block the person, but you still receive the message.

Before social media, it was uncommon to see someone dating someone 10x older than them, because people in the real world fear and respect those who are older than them. Since it’s difficult to talk about your feelings with someone older than you, that’s why. 

In today’s society, people have lost respect and can let anyone say whatever they want. 

The fact that some child says, “you look hot love” after you post a picture is still disrespectful. A kid plays with another kid, and an adult plays with another adult in real life. It’s a different story on social media, where everyone is an adult.

My 7-year-old daughter is already using social media, and I know she comments on topics posted by adults, topics she cannot participate in at home because she is a child.

It’s easy to get disrespected on social media. It is a topic in its own right. 

Today we keep a lot of relationships we don’t need, some of us still talk to our ex-partners and high school friends.

But do we really need all that? Does going to school together imply that I must know  everything about you? The answer is no!

When you are not on social media, you get to keep relationships that really matter, with those who have been there for you through all your ups and downs. 

If you maintain a relationship, it is not because of knowledge or familiarity, but because you genuinely care for the other person and your relationship. 

What makes Facebook and Twitter billion-dollar companies if they are truly free? There are no free services offered by these platforms. 

Their goal is to sell you their product by using your data and giving it to investors. It means that even though you are using it for free, someone is making money from you. 

Thus, you can do the same, open an account, and make money from those who believe it is free. 

A few years ago, posting your website on social media and getting traffic was easy, but it became more difficult with time. Because they do not want people to leave their platforms, if they send someone to your website, they lose money.

There are times when I find it really sad to think that people who use social media tend to consider people on these platforms to be their friends. 

In reality, who can have 5000 friends? It’s a nightmare to have 30 friends because they all think differently and bring different challenges to your life. 

The fact that 789 854 people follow you means nothing if half of them only comment on toxic  things. 

Even someone with two close friends is better off than someone with one million followers that does him no good. 

Those on social media are not your friends, even if you know them in person. 

Using social media is mostly about showing off what you have and how good you look. People are easily influenced and believe that their lives aren’t good enough.

You will find that many people will want to show you that they are eating something better than what you are currently eating when you post a basic meal on social media. Even if you  are eating it to satisfy your craving rather than because you can’t afford or can’t afford anything else. 

The problem with social media is that it creates depression as you see things you don’t have, and wish you did.

Should you continue staying off social media? well, Still depends on your needs. 

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