How can I be a good wife in bed?

How can I be a good wife in

There is a lot a wife can do to spice things up with his husband. Most of these are the simplest things but can have a tremendous impact.

You need to be romantic at all times. No matter how old is your marriage. There is no default age for intimacy between spouses.

1. Always give him a massage

Massage is really nice and it can help you get in the mood. You feeling her hands all over you. Makes you want her so bad. The wife needs to have massage oil all the time. If not, you can still use baby oil. The results are almost the same.

Oil makes the massage more pleasurable, and it turns me on. Don’t be afraid to ask your husband. Which areas of his body he likes massage more on.

Soft music can increase the effectiveness of the massage.

2. Showing pleasure

Men try their best to makes sure a woman is satisfied. Showing him, you are enjoying will boost his self-esteem. You can show him you are experiencing pleasure. By verbal, sharing that with him, and with certain sounds.

But with sounds be careful don’t overdo it. Because it will sound like you are faking it. Keep your sounds nice and sexy.

Showing pleasure give your husband the right message. It also a massive turn on.

Be present and show that you want it. Be in that moment with him.

3. Stay through your sexuality throughout the day.

This is an incredible feeling for men. When you keep the atmosphere sexy throughout the day. Not only during sex. If you are working or his working. Tell him you can wait to touch him. You can wait to feel him. Let his mind be ready for it.

Even after 1st rounds you can talk about how would you like the next rounds. Take a bath together connect. 

4. Perfumes are so attractive

Men love it when their wife smells nice. Perfume can draw man’s attention. Giving him that smart and special charm.

Perfume also show you love yourself. It makes you even more attractive. You can have the one, you only use in the bedroom. Apart from the ones, you use if you leave the house.

5. Give him positive feedback when doing something right.

Saying “I love it when you..”. will not only boost his confidence. But it will help him understand. You want that repeatedly. Without him wondering if he is doing the right thing.

When your husband does something right tell him. You can tell him during sex or after. It is up to you.

During sex, you can tell him right there don’t stop. It more like training him and helping him understand you better.

6. Give his dick attention

You can give his dick attention, before sex, after sex, during sex, etc. There is never too much attention you can give to his dick. Whether it

  • Hand job
  • Blow job
  • Hand grab when you are passing one other.
  • And more

Paying attention to his dick will really boost him. It is known that most men’s happiness is connected to their penis.

The more attention you give his penis. Will make him feel the love and increase his desires.

If you are going to give him a hand job. Make sure your hand is not completely dry. This can be painful.

You can also give him a soft hand job. While sucking his head of the penis. This will give him double the pressure.  

7. Renewal

It is necessary to renew and change the methods of intimacy. This helps avoid boredom. It can be between you and your husband. Or by creating new sexual positions.

Don’t just do the same thing for over three months. Come up with new things. Ask your friends what are they using.

Tell your husband. He will be happy you want to try something new with him. You need to renew your relationship with your husband. To maintain the excitement and keeping the light in your marriage.

8. Be confident about what you want

Confidence is absolutely sexy. Ask for positions that you want. Ask for more if you were not satisfied. Don’t be bossy. But find ways to ask for what you want.

Remain soft and attractive. While being that girl who knows what she wants. Be clear and have a direct conversation. Don’t make him guess all the time. What you are thinking and wanting.

Be confident use your voice. While trying to change position. You can suck his dick for a few seconds. Before you can continue with the next position.  

9. Ask for feedback on things you do for him

Ask your man does he like this or does he like that more. Talk about everything you do to him. Let him be specific about where he like you to improve.

Because every man is different. What used to work for a certain boyfriend. May not work in your husband. Talking will give you that confirmation. Your man will love certain things that other man doesn’t.

 So get feedback from him. This is the best way to learn from each other.

10. Touching him all over

Make use of your hands. There are many movements you can do with your hand. That can increase his sexual desire even before taking his clothes off.

Tactility plays a major role in a husband’s desire. You don’t even need to tell him you want sex. The way you touch he will tell him everything.

Holding hands and hugging during sex. Increase connection between you and your spouse. Always make use of your hands at all times.

11. Love and acceptance of your husband’s body.

When your spouse set himself inside you. The way you react and accept his body means a lot to him. Don’t try to block him. Allow him in and pull him closer.

We as men are insecure about our bodies. I believe women are too. But if you show you accept him. It helps with the insecurities. When you truly accepting all his body parts. It gives your husband an extraordinary experience.

That why some people turn off the light at the early stage of a relationship. Because they feel insecure. Your job is to remove all those insecurities.

12. Don’t be afraid to start.

All the time women put a lot of initiation into men. You can tell your husband I want you right now. When you at the kitchen, lounge, or public. Telling him while he is not expecting it. That you want him.

During sex you can also try to start. Tell him let change position don’t put all the pressure on him. Initiate and get your needs matched too. Men surely love that.  


These tips will give pleasure to your husband and at the same time. You will also give more pleasure to yourself. It is a win, win. Don’t be a boring wife.

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