I feel like I’m too much for my boyfriend

I feel like I’m too much for my boyfriend

You’ll be confused by men because they claim to hate talking, but on the other hand, they do things that make you want to talk.

The result is that it is hard to move forward, since you try to avoid talking too much. Still, there are so many things you wish to release.

Whether you feel like you’re too much for your boyfriend or not, there is a possibility he feels the same about you.

To resolve this problem, the first thing you must do is not make the whole relationship about you. Let yourself accept that you may do things that are not acceptable in his world and he may do things that are not acceptable in yours.

In any case, this should not lead to constant fighting; don’t make a big deal out of everything. Give your man a chance to breathe and a chance to make mistakes.

The second problem arises when you love your man so much that you want to spend every second with him. There is nothing wrong with this, but you must work hard to make every day count. Making love every day will not strengthen your relationship.

Getting out, playing games, visiting friends, making things as a team like setting up a website or YouTube channel together, or even producing a podcast together can help you both feel less suffocated.

The problem with most couples is that they want to spend time together but don’t have anything to do with that time, so they use it to argue and blame each other for what they are doing wrong.

Yes, I agree that men need you to pay attention to them all the time to avoid cheating. Yet, you must also give yourself love and have your own hobbies that take up your time. You will avoid being clingy all the time if you do this.

It doesn’t seem to matter how much attention you give to your boyfriend. You are not likely to lose a relationship just because you love someone so much.

You should only be concerned about improving your relationship and nothing else. Some people may advise you to spend more time with your friends so that you can give your man some space.

What if you don’t want to be with friends or if you don’t have any friends? Take time to spend with him, just make it interesting enough so that he misses you every day.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to life; what suffocates me may not suffocate you. So, dating someone who understands you and you understand them is a great idea. It’s all about understanding relationships.                                                      

It is also important to give someone a chance to miss you. In fact, love gets stronger after a breakup since it gives couples time to relax and start missing each other. Having reunited again, both of them are ready to work together again.

Do not let your relationship become your life. Have your own life too. If you are all over your boyfriend, he will lose interest and think you are desperate.

There is nothing wrong with missing your boyfriend and staying home. The marriage has not taken place yet, so you are not obligated to give your man your full attention. Let him marry you if he wants to spend his entire life with you.

Once I dated someone who was all about proving her love for me to the point of being annoying. This is not how I do things. I let the relationship grow naturally, don’t force it.

Relationships can still end despite your best efforts. In addition, this puts you at a high risk of being played by people since they can sense your desperation and use it against you.

That is why I said at the beginning that you need to enjoy your own company instead of putting all your effort into a man.

Loving someone is different from being obsessed with him.

In most relationships, we end up feeling like we are too much for our partners because we give love to the wrong people.

It is not possible to force someone to be committed if they don’t want that type of relationship. Finding someone who loves you the same way that you love them is a win-win situation.

Distancing yourself a bit will allow you to see if your man follows you. Or he will only start missing you when he needs to sleep with you again. You are in an inappropriate relationship if he doesn’t come after you. If at all possible, you should end it. Eventually, it will die naturally.

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