Is sitting on someone’s lap flirting or cheating?

Is sitting on someone's lap flirting or cheating

It is flirting and micro-cheating to sit on someone’s lap. Although you might argue that you haven’t done anything wrong, it can always lead to something, and you can’t sit on the lap of someone you don’t find interesting.

It is a love language on its own, it is fine if it is girl to girl, but a man cannot sit on my wife’s lap. 

Yet there are times when it might be understandable, such as at a house party where there aren’t enough seats for everyone and people sit on each other. Although this may seem to be an ideal scenario, it is still important to be careful which lap you sit on since this may lead to a fight. 

There is nothing worse than feeling disrespect towards your partner. Very few people will be comfortable seeing their partner sitting on someone’s lap. Their jealousy makes them insecure and feels left out. 

It’s only after you sit on somebody’s lap that I begin to wonder what your conversation is about. 

Sitting on someone’s lap is very flirty, and it makes them uncomfortable to see you so close. If they simply kiss you because they misunderstood, you shouldn’t be surprised.

People often do this, especially girls, knowing very well that it is flirting, however, it is fun to them especially while drinking because they like to talk to close-by and will probably date you next time, if not make you a one-night stand.

Some may flirt with you and still not be interested in you just to satisfy their ego. 

Despite the fact that it is fun, you shouldn’t do this if you’re married, engaged, or in a relationship with someone. 

My preference would be to offer the seat I’m using to someone who wants to sit on my lap, unless I consider them attractive and will flirt with them back.

Nevertheless, I may agree to let you sit on my lap and yet not be interested in your flirting, just to keep you from being disappointed. In spite of what you know, in my mind I’m just being nice to you. I’m just being nice even though you know very well this is flirting. 

This last scenario is when someone uses you to make someone jealous, and they know they are doing this intentionally to make the other person jealous. They are micro-cheating or flirting with you. There are many possible reasons for this, including when they saw their partner talking to someone else now they are trying to avenge themselves. 

For me personally, unless it is a friend of a friend who is doing it, I feel it is disrespectful while your partner is in the room. Still, it is inappropriate regardless of whether your partner is present. 

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