Struggling with not feeling embarrassed about online dating.

Struggling with not feeling embarrassed about online dating.

Most people believe there is nothing to be embarrassed about when it comes to using dating sites. What do you think? If it is a problem for you then it doesn’t matter what everyone thinks.

We all come from different backgrounds and are raised differently. Some people think there is nothing wrong with being a sex worker, but this is how they feel. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with it as well.

When being on a dating app makes you feel insecure, embarrassed, or desperate. That’s fine, in fact, it shows you care about your image, and it shows you have self-respect.

Therefore, you can stop using it for yourself and how it makes you feel. However, don’t stop using dating apps just because you’re worried about what people will think if they find you there. You cannot be judged if someone you know finds you on a dating app since they are also using it.

You are likely to run into people you know on the dating side, but you can either block them or make them your match. If they see you on dating apps it might give them the courage to speak to you. Many guys are afraid to approach women in person.

A premium subscription gives you more control over your profile. Payments can be made monthly or weekly for as long as the account is required. If you find a great match, you can deactivate your account and pray that your partner will do the same.

The nice thing about premium subscriptions is that you can hide your profile so that only people you choose can see it. The downside to this is that you will still need to deal with the embarrassment that comes with dating apps, but the upside is that your insecurity will decrease.

A premium member can also decide who can send messages to them.

While I don’t personally use dating apps, I have used them in the past and had both good  and bad experiences. Due to this, it is hard to tell anyone to stop using dating sites because the best match can be found there.

Some people are really desperate and looking for a real relationship on dating apps, and not all of the people on these apps are players and time wasters. These sites can be risky and there is a lot that can go wrong, but there is also a lot that can go right.

That is why it should be your decision and no one should decide it for you. Since I’ve already said I don’t use them, I shouldn’t be judged as better than others who do.

If you come from a religious background, you might wonder what God thinks about dating  sites. It is difficult to say since these platforms are relatively new and only started in the 2000s, which means there is nothing in the bible about them.

In spite of this, we know that God expects specific actions and presentations from us. Being honest about your feelings and your body is something we all need to make sure we do, so if you feel that advertising yourself on dating sites takes away your dignity, don’t do it.

Therefore it is difficult to believe that God will be pleased by such, yet if someone declares it to be a sin to use an online dating site. Since everything about this is new, it is just an opinion that isn’t supported by any facts.

If you are embarrassed on dating apps, you are not the only one. Try dating on social media. It may sound the same and some may even use it the same way, but it is very different.

It is a place that people use for a variety of reasons, and some do not go there to date. However, many people meet partners accidentally when using social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Your friends won’t think you are there to meet someone, since you can use Facebook to keep in touch with your high school friends, to do business and more.

The benefit of social media is that it doesn’t make it obvious that you are desperate. The  good thing about social media is that people still form lots of good relationships through it.

Apps like Tinder are most popular among people who fear approaching people in person. Changing your game requires you to work on this fear. There are many places to find love once you have overcome your fear.

If you are looking for someone who is more mature, a church and bookshop can be your best choice. A nightclub or pub can be a good choice for those looking for nothing serious.

You are always surrounded by people, for work, your neighbors, when you are shopping, and more. Fear is the only thing holding you back.

You should decide if you want to stop using dating apps based on your needs. 

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