Understanding and dealing with micro-cheating πŸ’”.

Understanding and dealing with micro-cheating

Micro-cheating is as bad as cheating, but somehow, we get away with it. There is a very thin line between minor forms of infidelity and cheating. It means that you are not ready to commit.

The thing is that infidelity starts smaller and keeps increasing until your relationship gets into serious trouble, sometimes it can even cause you to ruin it. let’s look at the meaning micro-cheating in a relationship.

Anything you hide from your partner, no matter how small you think it is, is micro-cheating. The reason you are hiding it is that you know full well that your partner would not like it if he/she found out. It can be things that happen every day without you even realizing that you are moving away from your partner.Β 

It’s all about your heart and your intentions. If someone hooks up with you, it’s not a minor form of infidelity, but once you give out your cell phone number, it’s micro-cheating, because you can’t tell your partner that someone is hooking up with you and you gave him/her your number. It may not lead to the affair, but the fact that it is a secret that you cheated.

It also depends on the frequency, how often do you do this behavior, because if it’s something you’ve only done once, that’s forgivable.

Often when we think of cheating, we associate it with physical infidelity. But it is anything that shows you are not 100% focused on your partner.

It is something that you should never tolerate. If it can always lead to something more, why should we forgive this behavior? Micro-cheating could be the reason your relationship is not progressing, could be the reason your significant other is not marrying you, the reason you are fighting a lot, and much more.

Most people don’t realize how these little actions they do every day contribute to an unhealthy relationship. If your friend has a female 🚺 friend that they talk to every day. The time she spends with this friend can be used to improve your relationship. Why should you forgive this behavior?

If you don’t watch out for micro-cheating, it will ruin your relationship. The difference between friendship and micro-cheating, friendships are not kept secret.

Most micro scams started when the smartphone πŸ“± was introduced. That’s why this term is still new to most people because it’s something we haven’t faced in the past. Not that it hasn’t existed, but smartphones have taken it to another level.

If your girlfriend has male friends, they are all attracted to her, or she is attracted to them. Why is she conversing with them if she doesn’t find them attractive?

Women are very rude if they don’t like you, they won’t put up with your shit. Just know that there is a possibility that she will date you in the future if she keeps you as a friend.

This is the issue that will increase as the years go by. Smartphones πŸ“² were introduced in the early 2000s, before that there were no dating apps, social media platforms and all that crazy stuff. That’s the reason why our parents got married and had healthy relationships. They don’t care about what’s going on in the world, they just care about their family and survival.

But the new generation, they worry me. I wonder what life will be like in 10 years because it’s getting worse every day, and no one seems to care or notice.

1. some blame it on boredom, as soon as they get bored, they pick up the phone and talk to other people. This means that they have a relationship outside of the main relationship, the only difference is that it is not physical yet.

2.It is also extremely easy to micro-cheat when you are stressed in your relationship. People will do anything to distract themselves from their relationship problems.

3. lack of self-confidence can cause you to want and seek validation from others. You want to see if people are still attracted to you.

Let’s look at what counts as minor forms of infidelity. These can mean different things to different people, but if they cause you to slowly drift away from your partner, then you are micro-cheating. You and your other half can make your list and set your boundaries.

  • Tell your friends that you are attracted to someone else.
  • Call and message a so-called “friend” to clarify information or questions, the answer to which can be easily found online.
  • Late-night text messages.
  • Entertaining DMs and inboxes πŸ“¬ on social media.
  • Your boyfriend making friends with another woman.
  • Lying about your relationship status on social media.
  • Sending someone gifts in a more than friendly way.
  • Tipping a waiter big because he/she is hot.
  • Your girlfriend making friends with another guy.
  • Complaining to someone else about your problems, but not telling your partner.
  • Being dishonest about your feelings.
  • Excessively watching porn and masturbating.
  • Telling someone you would date them if you weren’t in a relationship.
  • Maintaining contact with your ex.
  • Sharing porn pictures and videos with your friends.
  • Taking a long trip to tell a girl you just met that you like her.
  • Communicating with your ex’s family.
  • Using romantic emojis like, ❀ and kisses.
  • Having a profile on dating apps.
  • Lying while eating or drinking with another person.
  • Saving a number under a different name so your partner can’t recognize the real person.
  • Hiding your phone at all times.
  • Flirting 😏 with someone other than your significant other.
  • Dressing nicer for others than for your partner.
  • Trying to make someone like you.

Sit down with your partner, create boundaries and discuss what the right rules might be. You need to understand how important it is that your relationship is secure.

If you catch your life partner micro-cheating, take at least 24 hours, sit down with them and talk about it. Set some rules and boundaries for your relationship. The reason you need to take 24 hours is to calm down because if you are not calm, you will attack your partner. This will make it hard to conclude.

We need to take some time and look at the things that we can minimize in our relationship. If your significant other will entertain other people while they are with you, they may as well end the relationship and go to the person they are entertaining.

Why would you allow your partner to have friends if that is the case? Ask yourself why I am doing this if you are micro-unfaithful and constantly crossing the line.Β 

When we keep saying micro, it sounds small, but it’s not when it jeopardizes your relationship.

All of this makes you wonder, am I not good enough and hurts your self-esteem. Any kind of cheating leads to heartbreak.

To overcome this, you need to communicate and take action. Communicate about the things that can be done now and, in the future, to protect the relationship.

When both partners talk about their relationship problems, it becomes much easier to find solutions.

If your partner refuses to talk about the problems, you simply need to leave the relationship. If he refuses and you stay, you have just allowed him to cheat on you.

The moment it becomes physical, you can no longer talk about micro. It also becomes cheating when you realize that what you are doing is not right for your relationship, but you continue to do it, anyway. You have the power to do the right thing, but you still do the wrong thing.

If you felt less attracted to your partner just because you spend most of your time ⌚ with this new friend who is also hitting on you, that’s cheating.

Micro cheating itself is not that bad, what is bad is what it can lead to. The worst thing could be that you are sitting with your partner while they are busy doing it on the phone, which is so disrespectful. You are constantly building your relationship on secrets and lies, which is wrong.

The fact that it puts your relationship in jeopardy makes it bad. You are not a cheater yet, but you are on your way to becoming a cheater. Another reason it’s bad is that they wouldn’t like it if you did the same to them.

A relationship will be your downfall if you are not careful. Micro cheating can make you think that you are not happy in your relationship while you are. When your relationship ends, you realize that it was a mistake.

If you suspect your partner is micro-cheating, it’s best to address it early on before it becomes a real problem. Yes, it’s micro, but it destroys trust in a relationship.

One or two signs may mean nothing. You need to work as a detective with many clues. Don’t accuse your partner because of one sign, it will make your relationship unhealthy.

There are hundreds of things your partner could do that are micro-cheating. I will list just a few to give you an idea πŸ’‘.

If your partner always takes their phone with them, to the bathroom, kitchen, bed, etc. they always have it with them, they don’t leave it unattended. That’s your 1st sign 🀘 because whatever is there, they don’t want you to see it.

If not, why are they so protective of it?Β  My phone doesn’t even have a password because I don’t need it.

If you have problems with your lover but he refuses to talk about it, it means that he doesn’t value the relationship anymore. The reason for this is that there is someone in the picture that they are considering dating. In short, they are trying to push you away while making you look like a bad person.

When you take your partner’s phone, call log, WhatsApp chat and messages are all empty. This is obvious that it has been deleted for you, the question πŸ™‹ is why? You probably won’t answer this question, but something is wrong.

If someone is just a friend, do you need to talk to them every day? If you spend more time talking to him, it means he is a special friend. Your lover needs to communicate with you about everything. If that’s the case, then why do they need a friend from the opposite sex?

If you catch your partner smiling on the phone. You ask why you are smiling and he says it’s a funny clip. But when you say show me, they say I’ve already been through it. They are lying πŸ€₯ it’s not a clip. If it happens once, it’s not a problem, but if it happens multiple times, it’s suspicious.

Have you ever asked your partner about something but they said, “No, you’re imagining it, it’s all in your head”? They’re not imagining it; they’re on the defensive.

Sometimes they defend it aggressively or just leave the room. Cheaters get angry when they feel caught. They ask questions about the things that concern you. The least they can do is help you understand. If they get defensive, they are guilty.

Your partner’s friends know things you don’t. If he or she doesn’t invite you, claiming, “No, I thought you weren’t interested” or “I thought you were busy.”

They don’t want you there, the rest are just excuses. Chances are something is going on.

If they don’t want you or anyone else to access their phone, there’s a reason. I don’t recommend that you always check your partner’s phone. That would be unhealthy. But pay attention to your life partner’s behavior. If you ask your partner why, they will respond with a question: If you don’t trust me, how can we build this relationship into a future?

That’s why I say you need a lot of signs before accusing your partner of micro-cheating. Otherwise, he will quickly get away with it.

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