What makes siblings hate one another?

What makes siblings hate one another?

The belief in family has declined over the last few decades. Certainly, hate is a strong word, but we’re seeing a lot of it in our families lately, and we can blame it on many different things. 

Sadly, we can expect to see the problem escalate even more over time. There are now kids being raised by other kids, which presents another challenge since both parent and child are still learning how life works and no one knows what to do.

Basically it all boils down to how you were brought up. Your parents definitely have a big role to play in everything we discuss today. Most kids and their families suffer from poor parenting and poor judgment. It is sad.

My Twitter profile asks the same question and I will list 10 main reasons why siblings hate each other based on what most people think. 

Parents’ favoritism seems to be the most common cause for conflicts between families. Many parents do not realize they are doing this, but they are. 

It is understandable if you have a favorite child, but don’t make it so obvious that your other kids feel left out. This will create hatred between them and cause them to be jealous. Hate will continue even when you’re not around.

You may have good and bad children, but both are yours and deserve the same love or else you’ll make the bad child your worst nightmare because once they realize that the family does not love them, their behavior becomes worse. Then hate begins to develop.

Some parents behave as if they own their children, expecting them to always obey and do things their way. Our children won’t always behave as we would like them to, and we as parents can’t always assume that they will. 

Children are smart. Moreover, they understand when a parent is wrong, as well as when they are wrong. You should discipline your child, but not so often that it amounts to abuse. It is important to let them make mistakes sometimes so they can learn from them without being punished.

It is so important to normalize creating family wills. Usually, families fight about the family house and some end up leaving their own homes when they shouldn’t because of the mistake made by parents, which is not making a will. 

In these disputes, aunts are often the ones who lead the fight, since they are older than their children. The aunt might say that the child cannot do what he wants because this is my brother’s house, while the child might say this is my father’s house. 

While each of them has a right, making a family will as early as possible can help you to avoid all of that because no one knows whether tomorrow will come.

Let’s be honest, this is not a great time to be alive, and there is a lot that is happening in the world.The country faces problems such as high unemployment rates, job losses, corruption among leaders, and more.

All this makes life hard for everyone, but some believe that the reason they are losing their jobs and the reason they cannot progress is because of Witchcraft among their families. 

Allegations of this nature do break most family relationships. 

One thing should be made clear: every family will fight, but it becomes a bigger problem if those fights go unresolved. 

As humans, we need to learn how to apologize to our siblings because pride ruins a lot of things. Accepting responsibility and apologizing can prevent this hatred. If you want to keep the peace in the family, sometimes you need to apologize even when you know you are not wrong.

It can seem like you still intend to fight your family even when you’re not there. Then, when your apology is received, the fight will be over and you can resolve this.

Even after you finish school, find a job, and have your own child, it takes your parents a long time to realize you are no longer a child. Your thinking is different and you want to do things your way now. This causes problems because you trust your decisions.

Buy your own place as soon as you can, for your own peace and for your children’s sake. It will sooner or later become necessary for you to prove to your parents that you are not a child anymore if you continue to live with your parents.

Taking this route may not be the best decision and may cause serious complications for the family. Get your own place and visit home whenever you miss them. 

Families are often separated and dysfunctional nowadays because one sibling told a lie and misunderstood what the other one was thinking. 

We don’t take time to verify the information when it comes from our siblings, unfortunately. People need to fear lies because they are dangerous. 

Since we aren’t all blessed equally or at the same time, having empathy is extremely crucial when we’re at home. Your brother does not become your slave just because you are working and he is not.

They must now obey your rules since you are the one that provides them with food. Although you may be working and your sisters may not, that doesn’t mean you have no responsibility if they cannot afford something. 

No matter how little food there is, the family eats together. You can help your sisters, but you don’t because you lack empathy. They know, and they will hate you for it. 

Oftentimes sibling’s think they’re the only ones who deserve good things, but this is not how life works. It is possible for anyone to be blessed regardless of how you wish them. 

The jealousy grows when siblings see one of you with a good partner and they do not, or when one of them has money and the other does not.  There are people who don’t want you to have the same things that they have, and it all comes back to jealousy, which isn’t necessary.

You can’t hate your own siblings just because they’re doing well, it just isn’t right. You should be happy if they are doing well, since they are part of your family. 

It is inappropriate for you to act like a parent to them if you are not one. While you can provide help and advice to your siblings, you cannot force them to stick with a particular decision because you believe they are wrong and you are right. 

You should let your siblings make their own mistakes and give them room to breathe. We all make mistakes, and you do too, but we don’t want our siblings to be bossy all the time.

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